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Owens 30 North Auto Repair is a locally owned and family operated business providing a wide range of automotive services to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. Our experienced and Certified Maryland State Inspectors are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and using the latest technology and equipment to inspect your vehicle. Owens 30 North Auto Repair prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to make every customer’s experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. See below a list of vehicles we are certified to inspect, and trust our team to take care of your vehicle and get you back on the road safely and confidently!

Maryland State Inspection (Auto/Truck, Motorcycle, Camper & Trailer)

A Maryland State Inspection is a requirement for all registered vehicles in the state of Maryland. It is an inspection process conducted by a licensed Maryland State Inspector at a licensed vehicle safety inspection station. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the vehicle is safe to operate on the road. The inspection covers various aspects of the vehicle, including but not limited to the brakes, tires, steering and suspension, lights, horn, mirrors, exhaust system, and any other safety components required by law.

When is a Maryland State Inspection Necessary?

The State of Maryland requires an official vehicle safety inspection for all passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, trailers, and campers that have been transferred or sold and registered in the state of Maryland.
Please note, there are some exceptions to this requirement:

New Vehicles

New vehicles that have never been titled or registered in Maryland are exempt from inspection for the first two years of ownership.

Historic Vehicles

Vehicles that are at least 20 years old and are owned solely as collector’s items or exhibition pieces are exempt from inspection.

Farm Vehicles

Farm vehicles that are registered as Class E vehicles and are used exclusively for farming purposes are exempt from inspection.

Street Rods

Street rods that are registered as specially constructed vehicles and are owned solely as collector’s items or exhibition pieces are exempt from inspection.
It is also important to note that if you are moving to Maryland from another state, you must have your vehicle inspected within 60 days of registering it in Maryland.

What Happens if I Pass/Fail?

During a Maryland State Inspection, a licensed inspector will perform a visual and physical examination of your vehicle’s components to ensure that they meet the state’s safety standards. If any component fails to meet the standards, the inspector will provide you with a list of necessary repairs or replacements. If all necessary repairs are made within 30 days after the original inspection date and the vehicle has been driven less than 1,000 miles, a re-inspection is required only for the failures identified in the initial inspection.

If your vehicle passes the inspection, you will receive a certificate of inspection, and the inspection station will submit the inspection results electronically to the Maryland State Police database and the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

Owens 30 North Auto is an Authorized Maryland State Inspection station #7823 and offers electronic inspection service for:



(Excluding vehicles equipped with air brakes)

Campers and Trailers

(Excluding vehicles equipped with air brakes)

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